Welcome to golden Cage

The S&M room


As soon as you enter the impressive, elegant entrée you will receive an idea of what to expect at my domicile. A perfect symbiosis of all senses. Light, scent and music create a relaxed, yet crackling and highly erotic atmosphere. Together we go on a journey through my domicile. The first thing that catches your attention is the golden cage.


I welcome you warmly to the „Golden Cage“.


Before we start a session together, we will of course get to know each other in a preliminary talk. My hospitable nature will make it easy for you to express your fantasies. Tell me your preferences and most secret wishes or longings over a cosy drink in my meeting room. The sessions will be personally adapted to your needs. I take enough time to get to know you. To have a wonderful and unforgettable time together, it is of utmost importance to be honest. Only with trust will you get your money's worth and will experience what you have imagined. The exclusive and well-equipped playroom allows you to live out your submissive desires and longings for female dominance.

Here you will experience strict or erotic sessions, the game of unapproachable classical dominance and intense erotic closeness. From soft to hard I will take you into my world. For this interplay of feelings, a St. Andrew's cross, a bench, a slave chair, a gynaecological chair or a fixation couch are available. I love this game between desire, pain, eroticism and dominance. And I know you will love it too!


Enjoy passionate touches and honest sensations. In my luxurious bed the dream of every SM lover comes true. The feeling of warm wood will caress you. Numerous eyelets on the bed frame allow for imaginative bondage games. Give up control and surrender to your mistress. I can fix you with ropes, cuffs or foil - just as you have dreamed of in your wildest imagination.


Of course, my unique bed is not only for bondage games. Tender rest periods and relaxed chats allow a stronger and more personal connection between us.


This bed literally screams for overnight and long-term sessions. Strictly fixated you can stay with your mistress all night long.


Do you feel like being blindfolded and surrendering to an intoxicating symphony of touch? Everything is possible!

Did you think that's all you can experience on this playground? Oh no! On black latex varnish we can experience erotic and slippery games. The Playwetground is of course also available.
Experience these fascinating touches. We oil each other and enjoy pure latex.

Latex world

Latex is my favourite fetish.

I can't put this feeling into words. To feel this tight rubber on my skin makes me float on cloud nine. Let me share this feeling with you. With my latex suits and latex masks, I will let you immerse into this special world.


Latex is very pleasant on the skin and its smell will rob you of all your senses. The look of latex makes you want more. Latex will bewitch all your senses. Believe me!


We enter a fascinating world where the smell of latex dominates. You will smell and hear latex. Blindfolded, all other senses will literally explode. And I promise you: You will explode!


The desire for more - also gas masks in the most diverse shapes will cast a spell over you. But there is much more to discover. Are you longing for more?


I will tie you into a rubber bag and fixated you defenseless on the latex bed. Here I will constrict you completely – and when you are totally fixated will use various games to control your orgasm and dominate you. You will be begging to cum!

Feminization suite (1st floor)

Did you ever want to be the rubber doll or the little bitch next door – all of this is possible in my feminization suite. You can be anything for me - but remember, you are a woman with style. You have to be elegant and neat to show yourself to me. As a little maid, you will be allowed to serve the mistress. I will reward you for a job well done. To pamper my little servant, my various strap-ons will give you pure pleasure.

The Clinic corner

Here in this section you can experience many examinations with Doctor Mary. I examine my patients thoroughly on the gynaecological chair. With the mirror in the treatment room, every move of the doctor can be followed. Whether Doctor Mary does everything on her own or needs the help of the fucking machine will become apparent during the treatment. Regular check-ups are recommended and believe me, you will be longing for these.

The residence of Mistress Mary. A place where your most secret wishes and desires will come true. Do not hesitate and arrange a meeting - now!