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What do you need to know about me?

You want to experience something new?

You are interested in many fetishes, but you have never been able to live them out?


You want to spark your mental cinema?


Then put yourself in my hands. Enjoy being guided by me and discover this new bizarre world with me.


Beginners are very welcome - I will gently introduce them to the world of S&M. Step by step we will explore your fetishes together and expand your limits. For you as an experienced slave it will be an unforgettable satisfaction to let you fall in my care.


With me you will learn to submit yourself. You will learn what it means to serve a young, attractive lady with Italian temperament. With my body and charm I will seduce you and your urge to get close to me will increase.


I love this game of proximity and distance. Carrot and stick.


Sensuality is part of it, but you must earn these privileges. Obey and I will reward you.


It does not matter to me whether you are a latex lover, nylon fetishist, foot and high heels lover, masochist, doggy/cat, bondage lover or submissive gentleman, I will respond to your preferences and give you this satisfaction with pleasure.


If you fail, I will punish you. Whether verbally or with pain, I alone will decide according to my whim. Of course, your taboos will never be broken. As much as there is respect for my taboos.


By playing from soft to hard we will be able to experience many different beautiful moments together. A varied time, in which we will broaden your horizon as well as mine.

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